Monday, April 13, 2009

It's over !

I really enjoyed this experience! Thank you to the RULA 2.0
organizing team for putting this great activity together.
But honestly it take way more than 15 mins! ;)


YouTube is my 2nd best friend ! I spent my lunch time watching videos on YouTube.. catching up with all the Bollywood gossips and drama ;)

This is a video from my wedding - well it was from the Mehendi night, where my friends did a traditional dance !Check it out! It had 24,298 hits ! WOW !

Podcasts and Audio files

I am trying to catch up .. and its the last day!! I have used itunes but I am unable to download at work !
I thought I was the only one but I most of the Rula members have experienced the same issue. :(


I love it ! This is the only thing I loved and learned from Rula. I have tons of pictures and really like the way it displays the pictures..its like a iPhone ;)

Social Networks- Facebook !

HAHA Facebook ! this is the most wicked thing ever !
I've caught up with people from high school.

I do think it is a great way to stay in touch. My friend's list is huge but to be honest I don’t talk to many people. But I like checking updates ;)
Well I did post tons of album but now i have taken all of them out .. guess I am over Facebook !

Google Docs ..Maps

I always use Google. I find its easier and better than Yahoo or any other search engine!
I also have a lot of docs and spreadsheets that I share with me husband. But for Rula
I posted a document that I have created for assisting patrons in the library using a 2 way radio.

As for the maps, its one of my bookmarks in my laptop ! I tried to get direction from my house to Ryerson. Surprise surprise ! My address doesn't exist in Google yet !!! YES its a new development!

My address!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


It is great and exciting. I like the fact that I can create my own library.
It is so easy to do. I love it !!